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Anders Gisselmann

...is a renowned figure in the Scandinavian speaking industry, with a wealth of experience spanning over 24 years. He is the co-founder and head of SpeakersWatch.com

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Es war ein Feuerwerk an Geschichten, Hinweisen, Neuheiten, tollen/inspirierenden Menschen mit unterschiedlichsten Gründen vermitteln zu wollen und teilen zu wollen. Unfassbar bereichernd 🙏 Danke🍀

Kirsten Bruhn (Germany)

Dreimaliger olympischer Goldmedaillengewinner

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I just want to write to you that I was very, VERY happy with the course. So many pieces fell into place, so many questions were answered. Wonderful! THANK YOU for a truly GOOD course, Anders."

Lars Thiesgaard

Animation director and dubber for, among others, Disney and Pixar.

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"....und natürlich dem, aus meiner Sicht, herausragenden Referenten Anders Gisselmann, der den Input unglaublich charmant und unterhaltsam vermittelt sowie mit großer Leichtigkeit den Tag gestaltet hat."

Yan Sebastian Doll

Reginal Manager DACH, Athenas GmbH

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"You are such an inspiring person, it was a great pleasure and privilege to spend a whole day with you! Thanks for your time and sharing all your knowledge and insights with us "

Christian Wehner

Senior Director @SAP and Keynote Speaker

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"Thanks so much for your workshop! I loved your insights and hearing from your experience"

Milena Glimbovski

Unternehmerin, Autorin and Public Speaker

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I just wanted to say thanks a lot to you for your advice and inspiration during the seminar in Amsterdam last week. It rocks!

Felix Brych (Germany)

Champions League Final football referee

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Thanks again for the amazing day in Amsterdam.

Lienke de Jong (Holland)


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Thank you so much for a rich and very informative lecture/course today. It's fascinating to see how stringent Anders manages to be throughout the whole day. It's impressive and worth emulating.

Sturla Berg-Johansen (Norway)

TV-host and speaker

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Thanks for sharing your useful insights and tools. Wow, your words are mindblowing! Yes,
genuine passion and hard work is key to success - from my point of view. Let us keep in
touch and share our experiences.

Saera Khan (Norway)

Executive Keynote Speaker. Former Top Politician

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It was so worth the trip. Thank you for a great day! I hope there will be a part two.

Heidi Klefstad (Norway)

Professional speaker on Happyness at work

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Thank you very much. For a completely fantastic inspiring and engaging day. I was “high”
when I drove home and have been smiling and thinking about your points all weekend. I
was completely focused and inspired, entertained, and taught.

Tina Kold Jensen (Denmark)

MD, Professor and Researcher

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Presence, diligence, and generosity, that’s you. You have an eye for everything from the
big picture of my business down to the details of my performance. It’s a huge pleasure to
work with you. You are worth your weight in gold!

Birgithe Kosovic

Bestselling Author

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Thanks a lot for the inspiring event in Berlin! Your input combined with the exchange with the other Speakers was great and I enjoyed the day a lot!

Dr. Daniel Scherz, Hamburg

Speaking about Sustainability

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Thank you very much for the interesting day yesterday and the insights you could bring across.
It was a memorable day, meeting not just you, but also all those other colorful people that were part of the group.

Tim Kröger, ProYachtsman

Winner of Admirals Cup

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I have reflected the workshop and I am very happy that I could be a part of it today. Thank you very much!!! I am looking forward to work on my 4Ps and I already have sheduled some working sessions to create my own quotes and physical support. A first idea came up two minutes ago. Thanks for that!

Frank Eilers, Keynote Speaker and stand-upper

Zukunft der Arbeit

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